Our Team

Resident Volunteers bring residents the best shows possible at the best possible price, while operating in a business-like manner

MembersTasks They Perform
Don Hambric
Rand Jones
Mark Hopkins
Nancy Langley
Dave Leveton
John Wright
Select, contract for, price and produce acts (with support from LSTV)
Bill Daly
Dave Leveton and contractor
Margaret Lancaster
Promote HHC shows – through emails, Horn ads, e-Communicator, HHTV, direct mailings, and pre-show slides
Mary ScottAccept reservations, collect payments and specify ballroom layouts
Jane Amesse
Judy Baird
Jane Daly
Check in attendees
Howard Landsman
Susan Landsman
Control and account for cash, receipts and disbursements
Robert PourciauProvide technical support for performance and serve as LSTV liaison